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British Science Week

Sound workshop

Cherry class had a great full day of science learning through exploration and practical investigations on Tuesday 8th March. First, there was Jo, from the Benjamin Britten Museum, who engaged with the children on all aspects of sound until lunch time. The children filled up their Science Museum passports with their learning from 5 different experiments. We all enjoyed the morning and were more noisy than normal for the best of reasons.

"I learnt about the parts of the ear" Skarlet

"I found out how we hear sounds" Samuel

Rocket Mouse

In the afternoon we worked on our Rocket Mice Investigation. Everyone came up with their own question and planned how they would investigate the flight of the Rocket Mouse (not a real mouseā€¦). They then choose from a range of resources and followed their plan carefully. The children recorded their findings, whilst having thought carefully about how to carry out a fair test. We shall think about how to draw conclusions based on our data next.

"I learnt that when we increase the size of the bottle the mouse goes further" Emily

I found out that when I jumped on the bottle the air blew the mouse so it flew out of the bottle" Oscar

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