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Autumn term part one.

We have had a very busy start to the autumn term and are thoroughly enjoying being back together in Cherry Class at Bramfield. The children have been busy learning about place value in maths, writing autobiographies in English and are really enjoying reading, ask them about our class book, I think they would all like Stig as a friend! We have been working hard learning our times tables and hope to be awarding some certificates after half-term. Please check on Google classroom to find out which times table your child is currently working on. Any help with times tables at home is greatly appreciated, we have attached a link to a website on Google classroom which the children can use to practise by themselves. In PE we have been working on the skills required to play matball and all children have submitted an entry to the virtual cross country challenge.

The children have really enjoyed our science topic; we have been exploring the question ‘How are rocks and fossils formed and how are soils made?’ We have learnt a lot about rocks and soils. We even made our own fossil models using shells, clay and plaster of Paris. The children loved taking on the role of a palaeontologist and excavating their own fossil, next week we will be trying to match up each fossil with the original shell.

The children in Cherry Class have had great fun desiging and making their own aprons. To make sure that the aprons would fit they first had to collect measurements then create a paper template. After the template was made then the fabric could be cut. Lots of practise was needed to learn how to stitch two piece of fabric together before sewing on the ties and neck pieces for the aprons. Finally the best bit of all trying them on. 

  • Two things I learnt during the apron project

    "I learnt to sew and make stitches." Finn

    I learnt it was important to measure carefully" Archie

    "I learnt to make a pocket"  Henry

  • One thing I will always remember about the project

    "I will always remember pricking my finger on the pins" Samue

    "Decorating my apron" Alex


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